If you were busy with 2017 and all its epic events, or if you BLINKED in October, you may have missed the arrival of Richelle Gemini on the Houston Hip Hop Scene. Although it seems like she appeared out of nowhere, this dirty south femcee is actually homegrown talent from the South West side of Houston known as The S.W.A.T.

Alongside D.J. Shante of 93.7 The Beat and local performance Poet “Slaps”, Richelle Gemini has been hosting a Tuesday night Open Mic venue at The Isle since June. However, it was hot fire spit at the H Town Rap Battle on October 1st that made people sit up and take notice.

Although she arrived like Harvey with a flood of flow, Richelle is by no means “overnight”. Rapping since the age of 15 and performing poetry since 18 publicly, she has definitely paid her penance.


Richelle Gemini recently released her debut EP “Survival Mode”. In attendance at the release party was Houston Rap Royalty “ESG” who even blessed the mic that night. But, when asked about her greatest accomplishment as an artist RG glowed in fond remembrance of the impact she had on a young girl. The young fan was being bullied at school and found strength in Richelle Gemini’s music and poetry.

“Right then … when I realized me saying things, empowering women … could change a little girl’s life, man.”

The epiphany that she could empower other women was empowering within itself. Richelle Gemini’s lyrics are laced with messages of feminine strength, unity and sisterhood. Enter:  “The Cypher That Changed Herstory”.

Star studded with Houston’s illest emcees, singers, poets and producers, “The Cypher that Changed Herstory”  is an all female line up that french kissed the city New Year’s Day 2018. Talk about a New Year’s kiss.


The cypher was hosted by D.J. Shante, produced by D.J. Gloss and features fire verse from Blush, Nessacary, Troublesum, Cl’che’, Malaya J., Slaps, and even a quick poetic wink from yours truly, Corinna Delgado.

Historically it’s commonly thought that women are catty and competitive. This collaboration erases misconception, empowers women in a “pussy grabbing” era and rewrites history … into HERstory.


Video Production: Henrovee Productions
Photography: Tim Clyne IG:ADigitalVision / Jan Contreras – JanContreras.com
Styling: VG Creative  -vgcreative.org