Before the conclusion of 2017, rapper DeLorean released his latest album, Nights at the International Ballroom, carrying the wave into 2018. Teaming up with Pugtunes proved to be another magnetic alliance between the two. Following suit with his previous work, Take Me Back, a precocious DeLo fills listening ears with nostalgic residue while cruising from track to track like late nights in the streets of Houston, reminiscing on the come up and unforgettable nights at the International Ballroom, taking you back as promised.  

Nights at the International Ballroom delivers a resonance of hustle coiled with perseverance. On tracks like “I Got That Fire” featuring Rob Gullatte, where DeLo raps, “I got that fire/Just want my name on a flyer,” and “Street Lights” featuring Thandi, DeLo sets the scene of late-night tales on the grind. “I’m dealing with late nights running through the street lights/Thinking bout’ money long enough I can’t eat right/Been up since sunrise seen my second sunset/Working the next one like I ain’t drop one yet.” Reliving trials and tribulations in search of success with his music, DeLo unbolts the doors of the trap gates bringing you along for the ride.

DeLo reshifts from cruise control to foot on the gas with “Tear It Up,” featuring the Southeast Beast Doughbeezy. The energy of this song pulses through the speakers like a heartbeat. DeLo revved up the throttle matching Doughbeezy’s intensity that he gives each time he graces a beat. 

“Million in Ones” is one of the softer melodies, enlisting Bam Rogers and Thandi, DeLo samples the late R&B princess, Aaliyah while intertwining some of R&B’s greatest pastimes. “Countin’ this money like a million in ones; I’m one in a million/If you only knew, that four-page letter was never meant for you/That Timbo sampled, I’m so far from Magoo/I shoulda did one with Missy I’m Ginuwine in the booth/…Still bumpin’ that R&B in the coupe/I dedicated it all; my summer rain was cool/Beauty was her name; forever my lady/I bet on my baby; this cheers to you.”

Swerving back to the days of the Madd Hatta and Jay Mac afternoon roll call, where callers would call in unloading a few bars and repping their hoods, DeLo resurrects one of Houston radio’s favorite pastime with “Roll Call” featuring Bigg Fatts, Buddie Roe, Dante Higgins and K-Dogg. This track settles you back into cruise control for one last ride from the International Ballroom.