Return of The Crack Baby Music

I’m not gonna lie.

I have been avoiding the radio like the plague for the past couple of years.

I live in Houston, TX and our two major “Hip-Hop” radio stations are “Top 40”. That translates to “TOP BS” in the ears of someone who grew up listening to what they used to play about a decade ago. Not blaming… I’m just saying.
Bruno Mars was not one of my favorite artists.

Now, don’t get me me wrong. I bobbed my head to 24K Magic and a few of his other songs. Overall, I was a skeptic and would not consider myself a fan. It wasn’t until I happened to be “forced” by my Mom to watch 24K Magic at The Apollo that I actually admitted to being a fan. His humor, talent and respect for the greats that paved the way before him got me.

On the other hand, I have ALWAYS been a fan of Cardi B. To watch this woman who used to strip for a living pull herself up into the position she is in right now meant the world to a high-school drop-out like myself. Cardi B’s success in the music industry represents the power of a normal, talented woman through hard work and respect for the opportunities given and legends who paved the way for her.

Cardi B takes us on her journey through her trials and tribulations on her social media without filters. It’s like a soap opera on Instagram.

Her fans (Me) are here for ALL of it.

When I heard that these two were dropping a song together, I immediately was excited. Bruno Mars does not often collaborate with artists, much less new artists.

I saw the cover of the single, and I immediately fell in love with the song before I even heard it. I was clutching my pearls waiting to not be disappointed when I heard the first clip.

I woke up this morning not looking for the single, but ran across it on The Shade Room’s Instagram…


They remembered ME.
… A 32 year old woman born in the Crack Baby Era whose best memories are cemented in Living Single, Martin, and Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air.

I BEG you all. PLEASE make this song hit TOP 40.

I might actually start listing to our Houston radio stations again.
PLEASE make this the NEW, OLD TREND!


– Rocky

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