Have you ever thought about accidentally becoming a millionaire?

Imagine your boyfriend works, but he also makes music.

His decision to make music has been more of an annoyance than anything for you. He leaves work and goes to the studio. Your life has become about scheduling your around his music “activities”.

Scheduling dates around performances.

Falling asleep on the couch while he pulls a 12 hour long studio session.

Maybe you thought he would grow out of this “hobby” at some point and continued to date him anyway because you “love” him, then BOOM he starts being recognized in the clubs you are going to. You shrug it off, but then BOOM he starts being recognized during the daytime at the grocery store. Next thing you know, you cant go ANYWHERE alone.

Fans run up to him completely disregarding your presence. He starts having to travel on the road for shows. You come along for a couple shows, but your attitude hasn’t changed much since you’ve been having to spend twelve hours in the studio bored a few months back. You spend hours arguing about everything now as he cannot spend as much time with you, not to mention the females follow him around everywhere you both go.

Eventually, you decide enough is enough. You break up with him as this was definitely NOT what you signed up for. Your boyfriend was making music since before you dated him, but never in your wildest dreams would you imagine having to fight off females, be pushed to the side for people to get pictures with him, and spend hours and hours on end in the studio and on the road.

This is an unfortunate true story in the cases of many tales of the “rise to stardom”.

What I have not yet mentioned is… ::dun dun dun:: “groupies”…

Believe it or not, there are actually a few individuals who follow bands and rap artists around. They really have no regards for girlfriends or in most cases wives. They come to party, look nice, say “YES” to most every request, enhance the “look” of the stardom life, and provide different varieties of “escapism” from the one who is blowing up the artist’s phone and is bored with being in the studio for twelve hours at a time.

Groupies have been around forever in the music industry and have been documented in movies like “Ray” and “The Temptations”.

Don’t shoot the messenger.

I’m not writing this blog for them. They have already chosen their path knowingly and are a part of the industry that is not going away anytime soon. This blog is to let YOU know, in case you don’t already, about “them” and what you might be signing up for.

Knowing this information, you might want to take into consideration the following question, can you live life with your boyfriend if his hard work in the studio actually pays off?

Better yet, knowing this information, can you actually HELP him get to the point in his career where he can’t go anywhere without being recognized?

If not, you might want to rethink dating an artist, DJ, producer, anyone in the music industry, or any aspiring public figure period. This life is not for the individuals who just want their man or woman to go to work, clock-in, clock-out, and come home.

Dating an artist is about so much more than just having large amounts of money and spending it on frivolous things like a Maybach or designer purses and being the envy of your friends. It’s about picking up 80% of the relationship, sometimes more in most cases, and making your own way, having your OWN interests and hobbies, not losing your identity or being consumed by his career, publicity, fanbase at the same time. ::PHEW!::

Your boundaries will be tested.
Your patience level will be tested.
Your tolerance will be tested.

Think about the career and ambitions of your significant other before you get in too deep. If their career path doesn’t match your future career, family values or ambitions in life, you should definitely cut your ties sooner rather than later.

– School Of Rocky