The NBA is sticking to the suspension of Rockets guards Trevor Ariza and Gerald Green. The suspension comes after an off the court conflict, which started on the court between the two teams, even Head coach Mike D’Antoni and Black Griffin exchanged words before he was ejected in the 4th, soon after Chris Paul got heated towards his former teammate. Ariza was shown having words towards Austin Rivers. Yes. Keep up. All of this lead to reports of Ariza and Green trying to force their way into the Clippers’ locker room after the game, which the Rockets loss to the Clippers 113 – 102. Security was there to intervene.

News first broke that it was not only Ariza and Green that attempted to enter the Clippers locker room through a back corridor, that connected the two locker rooms,  but as well as Harden, Paul and Capella. Over 20 people people were interviewed by the NBA from both teams and apparently James and Chris were the diffusers of the situation and will not suffer any consequences. 

Trevor will be out for two games and will lose out on $103,357 and Green, also out for two games and will lose $19,054. 

The good news is Harden will be back on the court tomorrow night vs the Timberwolves, his first game back after a hamstring injury. 

Mike D’Antoni made light of the situation saying, “Boys will be boys. It got a little heated. Whatever.”