H Towns Tiniest Atomic Bomb: Go JJ Go

A mightier power could not possibly be packed into a tinier package; meet JJ Buchanan, also known as Go JJ Go.

She’s everyone’s favorite “little sister”. If you ask anyone in H Town about JJ the first response will always be in regards to her inescapable HIGH energy. In fact, it’s nearly kinetic. So much so that her entire career has been based off energy and what that attracts.

In her interview JJ states:
“I don’t do promotions, auditions, have a press kit or even a manger. Since I was 22 my career has been based off 2 things: Intangible Energy and the favor of God.”

But don’t think for one moment this means she has lived a “charmed” life. Her bubbly personality should only serve to convey one thing: Buoyancy. The woman can FLOAT.

Through a poverty-stricken childhood, a father serving life in prison, and a mother battling addiction, JJ always found a way to bubble to the surface. She often found peace and purpose with being on stage. Candidly she admits that her only goal was to simply NOT bring a child she could not afford to care for into the world.

In middle school, JJ was the hostess for National School District events in theater, band and creative writing. She later went on to become a rapper in a girl group during her high school years, and in college hosted campus events.

Today JJ is beloved by all as the Co-Host of Houston’s #1 Independent LIVE Art Event: The DOPE Art Show, hosting 500 – 700 audience members each show. She is the Co-Host of #1 podcast for Christian Millennials “The Fly Society”, Host & Curator of The Exchange, The 30 Year Old Virgin (yes, that is in reference to HERSELF) as well as hosting various youth programs with ST. John’s Downtown Methodist Church.

Candidly, JJ admits that she is uncertain what the future holds. Referring to herself and her talent as “1 of 1” it’s difficult to aim trajectory on a path that has never really been charted. She knows her gifts are unique. To say she is a “Host” doesn’t seem to encapsulate all that she does.

“I can’t really put a title on it.” She says bashfully.

I have seen JJ in action as an Emcee.
She absorbs ALL the energy in the room, refines it, and projects it back to the audience in a manner that reflects the show. In conversation I suggest cleverly

“Homonym. You’re a conductor; a conductor that leads the orchestra AND a conductor that transmits electricity.”

I smirk at my own “word smithy-ness” in hopes that I have given her something in exchange for what she gives others daily.

She is completely selfless with her gifts.
Perhaps this is why she continues to be blessed with opportunity because she simply does NOT flinch when she is called upon.

Houston is filled with stars, each of them light finding it’s way. 

Stay tuned … JJ is a supernova.


IG: @_gojjgo


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