Grammy award-winning rapper Chamillionaire is no stranger to giving back to the community and helping people in need. So when news broke of a Detroit man being deported to Mexico leaving behind his wife and two children, Chamillionaire reached out to offer financial assistance. 

According to the Detroit Free Press, Jorge Garcia has lived in the U.S. since he was ten years old and after 30 years of being an undocumented immigrant, he was deported to Mexico. This, of course, following the detrimental crackdown on immigration under the Trump Administration. According to the article, Garcia is too old to qualify for DACA, the policy birthed during the Obama Administration. The policy allows the children of undocumented immigrants to work and study in the U.S legally. DACA is also one of the reasons that the government is in a shutdown.

Apparently, Garcia has been trying to seek a way to live in the U.S. legally for years to no avail, spending $125,000 in legal costs and fees since 2005.  On Monday it all came to a halt when immigration officials forced him to return to Mexico. Once Chammillionare read the story, he reached out to the writer of the article, Nijal Warikoo as a way of reaching Garcia’s family in Detroit. 

As of now, Cham hasn’t heard back from Nijal, even though the writer blasted his email for the world to see.  Now the act of kindness has gone viral, deeming Chammillionare a hero which was never his intent.  

“The reason I reached out to him on e-mail instead of Twitter is because I assumed that the conversation would be private,” he says, adding, “I never got connected to the family and now there are a lot of people who are prematurely praising me and wanting to interview me for caring.”