Ten Reasons I’m Sleepin on YOU

If you listen carefully at about oh-say every thirty minutes o clock, you can hear the faint cry of a rap artist about a full year into his career cry, “ION KNOW WHY DEY SLEEPIN ON ME, BUT I GOT NEXT!”

I can’t speak on behalf of everyone, but I can speak on behalf of myself and explain the reasons WHY I am personally and most often times, KNOWINGLY, sleeping on you as an artist.

I don’t like leavin NOBODY in the dark.
Who am I? Nobody really.
Just a possible fan you’ll lose by pulling one of the following stunts.

10. One word…. WHINING!
You claim in almost every post, every video, and every song that everybody is sleeping on you. Everybody is a hater. Nobody is as good as YOU are. Every time anyone asks for new music, here you go hopping into the comments plugging your own work lookin a**. STOP!
We know you like your music, but your narcissism makes me want to turn off your music before I even play it.

9. You follow me on social media, I follow you back, and you hop in my DM to tell me to check out someone else’s or even YOUR music.
I just met your page like 5 seconds ago and now you are coming at me with demands? UNFOLLOW..

8. You are asking me to spend money on you and I haven’t heard any of your music yet.
I won’t spend one penny of my hard earned money on any product unless they are running ads and I have a need for it, convenience, or I’ve sampled and I like it. Why are you asking me to buy tickets when you clearly don’t know anything about me or the music I like? I might support the arts, but Mama ain’t raise no fool, not to mention I am cheap as hell bout my coins.

7. ALL you do is promote yourself on your page and insert the occasional “bro”.
That is annoying as hell and will make me decide to not follow you, much less, check out your music. Your page looks FAKE! I hate fake pages.

6. I see you on every industry professional, media, celebrity, blog pages, etc. begging and whining.
“Check out my…., you need to follow….., let’s work…, etc etc etc!” I like loyalty. Thirsty and desperate is not a good look and if you are thirsty on everyone’s pages, you might not take my being a fan of your work seriously because I’m not THEM. That’s just how I see it.

5. Your video has strippers twerking in it or video girls twerking in it.
I like movies and originality. Strip club scenes are for people who make strip club music. I like it for the club, but I don’t listen to it at home. I don’t like outdated and repetitive concepts. Try something else please. Also, videos that are too busy don’t catch me either. Keep it simple. Not too many people on the camera. It gives me a headache.

4. You have money, guns, or drugs on your page.
I’m not trying to be a hypocrite. I’ve followed artists who had those items on their page, however, the context of the posts matter. If all you do is brag about how much money you have, I’m going to assume you don’t need mine. In fact, “lemme hol sumn”. If you post drugs… well, that’s just stupid. If you post a lot of guns, I am DEFINITELY not coming to see you in concert. Not without a bulletproof vest anyway.


2. You are asking me to do too much and I don’t even know you.
“Click the link in my bio, watch my video, comment on my video, buy my iTunes song, add me on Snap, follow me on Twitter, like my Facebook page, follow him, follow her, check this out…” It is TOO much. UNFOLLOW AND BLOCK!

1. I don’t know you.
So what if your song is hot or you might be on to something? I won’t support you until I know you. I don’t mean personally. I mean, you have to draw me into your page in a way that is different from every other page out there. Videos, interesting topics, colors, and shapes are all good ideas, but that only works on social media. I need to know about this character that you are portraying. Imagine if Cardi B. didn’t have an accent and was raw about the subjects she spoke on.
Would she have gotten so many followers? What if she was reserved and only posted selfies? The ONLY celebrities that can get away with this are Beyoncé, Future or already known public figures. You are just starting out.

BONUS – This is an absolute way to get me to check anything you send me out.

Are you still there?

Stop shoving CDs into my hands and shove free gear into my hands. A lighter, a t-shirt, a Frisbee, even a condom with your brand on it (not used please), will definitely catch my attention. I take these as gifts without promise no matter how big or small. You are do it without asking anything in return, just a simple, “That’s ME.” will do. I’m going to check you out, because you didn’t ask me to. I’m just curious on your individuality.

Big companies do it all the time and I check their stuff out.
Why don’t you trust I would do it for you?

With all this said, I’m sleepin on YOU because you haven’t woken me up yet.

That’s not my fault.
It’s your own.

– Rocky