Lately rapper Paul Wall has been more than a Houston lyrical emcee, he has been a Houston ambassador. In the midst of aiding the city to recovery from the terrible devastation of Hurricane Harvey, The People’s Champ has found time to release his 10th studio album Bounce Backs Over Setbacks.

On this 15-track album, which was released independently under Wall’s label Olier Mobb Ent, Wall sends the same message the Houston Astros delivered to the city. Despite adversity, we can still be triumphant. The disastrous storm left many Houstonians homeless and hopeless, still Paul Wall and company is doing diligence to keep the city smiling and shining. No secret why the leading single off the album is “World Series Grillz.” The song featuring Z-ro and Lil Ke Ke became a team anthem. You can also find Houstonians like Cal Wayne and Stunna Bam on the album and he also has a Zaytoven produced track titled “Squad Goals.” Paul Wall also put his entire household on track 14. “My Time’s Coming.” The features his wife and kids Crys Wall, Baby Doll Wall Noelle & Will Wal. The song is a very uplifting track motivational track sort of like Nas’ “I Know I Can.”

This album is Wall’s first release since his 2016’s Houston Olier. Just because he was away from music doesn’t mean he hasn’t been working. On numerous occasions, you’ll catch the platinum recording artist out in the streets doing philanthropy work helping hurricane victims or out celebrating with fans during the first ever Astors World Series victory parade.

If the city hadn’t had hope before Harvey, they do now. Check out his new album Bounce Backs Over Setbacks now.