In early 2017, ESG released a song called “Southside Still Holdin”. The song caught fire after he started the #SSSHChallenge on social media. ESG’s fans made their own 60 second video remix to the instrumental of the song of which he reposted on his social media pages.

The Houston SUC Legend, who recently came off his Texas and Louisiana Save The South tour with his new squad of upcoming artists, Trill Republik (on Instagram – @TheTrillRepublik) has performed the song in ALL cities he performed in last year.

“Southside Still Holdin”, which was produced by IllFaded (IG – @illfaded), won the 2017 – Go DJ Award’s “Song of the Year”, now also has over a million views on YouTube (ESG The King Channel).

In 2017, ESG also created the remix to Southside Still Holdin’ which has Texas legends, Lil Flip (IG – @lilflip713), Slim Thug (IG – @slimthug), Bun B (IG – @therealtrillionaires) and Lil O (IG – @suclilo) as well as upcoming hot artists, Dat Boi T (IG – @itzdatboit) and Trilly Polk (IG – @trillypolk).

The remix has not officially been released to the public yet, but ESG (IG – @ESGWorld) has released clips of verses from the song on social media.

This Saturday, February 3rd, 2018, DGreen Filmz (IG – @dgreenfilmz) is shooting the video to the SSSH Remix video. The public cameo scenes are being shot at 2:00 PM on Reed Rd and Scott St and at the famous Carrington’s Club near NRG Stadium at 7:00 PM the same day.

For the public cameo scenes, everyone is invited to bring their SLABS and Houston gear to be part of history as this video brings the city together and dispels the idea that Houston’s legends cannot and will not work together.
2017 obviously brought about a world of changes for the city of Houston.

The SSSH Remix as well as other collaboration projects rumored to be released this year from other hot Texas artists makes it seem as if 2018 could be the revival to a level of collaboration and unity we have not seen in Hip-Hop in Houston in a while…

Go to the video shoot and witness history in the making.

– Rocky

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