Doughbeezy will grace the cover of this edition of Houston Trend Magazine, and if you haven’t heard the album yet, stream it below.

The Southeast Beast of Houston Texas, Doughbeezy is doing a fantastic job at highlighting lyricism in the Houston rap culture. A culture that once held a strong banging Screw identity. And while D.J Screw’s imprint is definitely still here, DoughBeezy is at the forefront of letting the world know lyricism is alive in Houston Texas.

This past summer, Doughbeezy did a phenomenal job recruiting local spitters and giving them a major platform in his Houston Rap Battles and just recently, he released his King Bezzy album. This album serves as evidence one why he is one of the leaders among Houston rap.

“This is my most personal project. I feel like it’s my best to this date,” said Beezy. “King Beezy man, we’re on some royal shit. We’re trying to show boys that we’re bigger than what we put ourselves on. I’m just trying to raise the bar and let people know we’re on this king shit this year.”

Doughbeezy is owing up to his royal status with a great deal of help from Lil Ju Made Da Beat, who exclusively produced this 13-track project.

DoughBeezy, who is revered for his punchlines and metaphorical flow, which isn’t common in the H, found a perfect balance in extreme lyricism and universal sounds. Over various beat patterns, Dough lyrically dropped gems, raised consciousness’ and expressed a lot of emotions. King Beezy epitomizes spitting with substance.

They’re songs on the album that’ll touch your soul like “Fuck Harvey,” which highlights the historical damages Hurrican Harvey left on Houston.

They’re songs that’ll make you dance like “Work Something,” featuring Houston’s Northside freak, Beat King, and songs that’ll make you think deep like “Holy Beezy.”

“Holy Beezy” is probably the most conscious song on the album. On the track, he addressed his perspective on being Black in America, the multiple hood struggles many Blacks face, police brutality, black on black crime and gave a brief history lesson. To feed an audience this type of substance all while being a metaphorical genius is one of a kind and this album proves why he is King Beezy. Bun B said DoughBezy has always been one of the top tier lyricists and Propain said he was at the top of the class.

Besides Beatking, the album features two other notable Houston lyricist, GT Garza, and Killa Kyleon. The rest of his features are all up and coming respected artists in the city: Doeman, Kdogg, BuddieRoe, Delorean, Q. Guyton, Allie, and KenTheMan.

“That’s something I didn’t have to do, but I know it’s beneficial and with me doing that and it cost nothing for me to do why not? That’s just my personality.”

Just by using his platform to bring on other guys like him elevated him to king status. The album King Beezy is available now on all digital platforms.