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Listen to Go Dj Xo’s “Money Round Here” | @XOontheBEAT

If you were to ask anyone in the Houston music industry, they’d tell you that Go Dj Xo is one of the hardest working people in the game and when you hear his music, you’ll see why. His intense focus, determination and work ethic are all evident in his music. You can hear for yourself in new single “Money Round Here.” This song is a definite banger, but so is everything this product of Alief drops. This song already has 39k plus views on Youtube and it’s only going up. Dj Xo’s name has been involved in a lot of things musically around the city. For one, he produced Propain’s 7 album and that’s one of the hottest things in the H right now. Dj. Xo is a for sure game changer in Houston. One of the first and best hybrid artists and people really look up to this guy. Propain said he never worked with anybody more focused than Xo and as a result, he elevated his own musical talent.  Xo does has his “On Us” video on the way, but for now check out “Money Round Here” below.

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