Listen to Lot$ Two New Tracks “Issa Snack” & “Callin” | @LotsThaLivest

The Houston indie grind is really in full effect! Artists are out here putting in the work making sure they’re getting heard. Next up is Lot$. Man Lot$’s ability to make songs is so natural. You wouldn’t call him a lyricist, you would’t call him a singer, but if you want a solid live track, then Lot$ is your guy.

On the first track, “Issa Snack,” Lot$ used two of the trendiest words in hip-hop and made a banger of hit. That’s a clever way to stay reverent in the rap game it to stay hip to it’s jargon and that’s what he did on “Issa Snack.”

The second track “Callin” is a definite banger. On the song produced by Killa Deon, Lot$ displays a ton of versatility. Not only does he used a slight auto tune and echo on the track, but he also utilized is melodic flow. It’s like the fuse of rapping and singing.

For sure everybody should give Lot$ a listen. His name is Lot$ The Livest for a reason.He does makes legitimate live songs. Check out “Issa Snack” and “Callin” above, but if you want to hear more from him, just click on his SoundCloud link @YoungLots

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