Press Play Entertainment Aspires To Eliminate Houston’s “Hamster Wheel” Music Scene Identity

Houston’s independent and underground music industry will no longer have a problem. There’s a new entertainment company in town catered to elevate up and coming artists, especially the ones here in Houston.

Press Play Entertainment, formed by successful club owner Eric Spivey and veteran music distributor Darren Gates, is a company based in Houston aimed to take artists to new heights. By using their strong major music industry connections, genius marketing strategies, solid relationships and digital music platforms, Press Play Entertainment will have no problem providing maximum exposure for any artists they bring on. The team is equipped with experienced entertainment professionals all skilled in areas needed to thrive in a competitive music industry.

For years, people looked at Houston’s underground and independent music scene as a “hamster wheel” industry, meaning artists lacked either the proper knowledge, resource and or the funding it took to reach the next level, or maybe they needed an extra push. Well, Press Play Entertainment is that push.

“Our immediate goal is to break these artists and put everything behind them so they can reach to the next level,” said President and CEO Eric Spivey. “I want to see one of the guys we push at the BET awards getting a Grammy, getting nominated and different things like that.”

The first artist who will have a chance at accomplishing the company’s goals Go DJ Hi C. Spivey, the mastermind promoter, and Gates, the distributor who sold 2 million physical records, strategically added Hi C to the roster not only as their first artist, but also as the A&R of the company.

“I know what it takes to make it happen,” said the founder of the Go DJ coalition. “I have unlimited resources behind me as far as funds. That plays a big part in this and I won’t have a problem with good backing behind us.”

The Radio 1 DJ continued, “I know the ins and outs on what we need to do and what to avoid. I have been doing this for so, for so many people and they have all been successful. Now it’s time for me to be successful.” Besides being the CEO of the Go DJ’s and spinning records on Houston’s hottest radio station, 97.9 The Box, Hi C is also the personal DJ for multi-platinum recording artist Keyshia Cole.

Hi C is an official artist, but his goal is not to be the best rapper in the game; he will be like a DJ Khaled. He will unite the hottest artist to make and break fire records, locally, nationally and globally. With Press Play in full support of Hi C, the records they put out will exceed the Houston limitation, thus eliminating the “hamster wheel” identity. For more information on Press Play Entertainment click here.