Houston Comedian Jeff Shelley a.k.a “Counterfeit” Comes Through With The Realest Yet The Fakest Video “Fake Shit” | @Jeffshelleyy

Houston comedian Jeff Shelley has built up a respectable reputation for making people laugh via Instagram with his funny comedy sketches. He’s also embraced his role as a the hood’s pastor, who’s constantly in an affair with Sister Jones, and he’s also and made sliding across cars trendy. Now Jeff has challenged alter ego as a fake rapper named Counterfeit and he delivered his first music video “Fake Shit.” What’s so funny about this video is that he’s doing what real rappers really do. Most of the things we glorify from rappers, be outrageously fake. Counterfeit is doing the same thing, he’s just embracing it.  He raps about having fake jewelry, fake clothes, fake money, just fake everything. However, the song “Fake Shit,” believe it or not, it really sounds good. On the hook, Counterfeit uses a slight auto-tune where he harmonizes “Fake watch, fake ring, fake chain, don’t none of this sh*t blang blang.” The video starts off with him going in the old Sharpstown mall, which is now Plaza Americas, where he skips the real jewelers and goes straight to the middle of the mall. I’m telling you, when you watch this video, you’re not going to stop laughing. At the end, his presumable manger comes on and.. man you just have to watch the video below. Jeff Shelley really out did himself with this one. Check out “Fake Shit” above and tell us what you think.

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