Spilly has been in the game since he was 14, and now that’s older you could hear it in his music. In his new “Broken Hearted” freestyle, you hear a more mature Spilly. Like his snapping like he’s mad at somebody. His content for sure has grown up. He’s been a young flashing guy, but now he’s aggressive and more bossy with it. From the beat drops, Spilly goes in. “She brings me the chips like she’s straight out of poker, Superman chain but I’m really the joker, you following the wave, but you got a fake choker. Give me the hammer, I’ll knock down the door. Got broads in Atlanta and Houston they snow.” now I’m not sure those are his exact lyrics, but man he’s really going in for real for real. And he’s not saucing it, he’s just rapping like a rapper. Check out Big Spilly’s “Broken Hearted” freestyle below and get ready for the No Feelingz mixtape on the way.