When you really tap in to Houston’s underground market, you’ll get a new appreciation for diversity in music. Up and coming artist Curly Sue from the Houston’s South side, has a rockstar/hippie style that stays lit. On his latest mixtape Nothing But Bangers, the Howard Stern styled raper embraces his star studded lifestyle. Over heavy based beats and rock-esque guitar usage, Sue has no problem sharing his affinity for drugs, money, music and women. Although Sue’s music is infused with a lot of rock elements, he is strictly a rapper who keeps it trill. Throughout the tape, you’ll hear him talk about having double cups, sipping texas tea (lean), burning backwoods and just being an all around playa when it comes to the women. One thing about it, everyone may not be feeling Curly Sue, but they’re alot of people who do. His performance are crazy! When the hipsters hear his music, they turn up instantly. His shows are more like mosh pits. Right now, Sue is working on new music, but until we get it, jam his rock infused rap EP NBB. If you hear this tape and want to experience the energy of this guy, he’ll be performing on April 21 at the White Swan opening up for J Chetta on his Side Effects Tour.

One of the hottest track on the tap is “Wait A Second,” check it out below.

Another hot track that by Sue is “Sheesh.” Now this song isn’t on the tape, but it’s one of his definite bangers. His fans have really been receptive to this track and the responses have been crazy! Rock out to “Sheesh” and tell us what you think.