Sometimes music isn’t all about the metaphors and punchlines, sometimes you just have to get the people going and emerging artists Dev Castro’s new track “Bend It Over,” will do just that. It’s going to make the girls bend it over immediately.

“Bend It Over,” produced by Dre Leo and EwillBeatz is a Louisiana bounce influenced beat designed to tear the clubs up! He was genius to sample The Shiwboys’ classic track “Triggerman.” The people’s ears are already familiar with the sound, but when they see and hear young Dev Castro swag the beat people are going to know that this guy is on to something.

The video was shot at Primetime G G strip club in Houston and as you can see, he and the dancers had a hell of a time. Like I stated earlier, this song is strictly to turn up the clubs. Dev Castro is definitely a complete rapper with amazing support behind him. The Something Serious Music Group will not allow this guy to release crap. Currently Castro is working on a mixtape and yesterday at his video release, he played a number of tracks that’ll seriously impress you, from the lyrics to the style and the content. “Bend It Over,” is just Castro displaying his versatility as an artist and he turnt up doing it. If you want to hear more of Dev’s music while we wait on the mixtape, you can click on his SoundCloud link