• (Article) Building an Empire: Why DJ Mr. Rogers Deserves To Flex
    (Article) Building an Empire: Why DJ Mr. Rogers Deserves To Flex
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Miss Megann Host Weekly Wednesday Industry Mixer At Tha Enclave Recording Studio|@iAssistGlobal

News 0 May 09, 2018 223 Kevin Keise

By now, the entire city knows about Miss Megann and the things she does for underground and independent artists. As her efforts to give maximum exposure to undiscovered talent increased, her social status has as well. The proof is in the pudding at her weekly Wednesday night industry mixers at Tha Enclave Recording Studio.

This week she’s having 5th Ward Jp and the producer J Rag Of TSF as the host, but two weeks prior, she put together an informative DJ mixer that included some very popular Houston local D.Js. OG Ron C showed up, so did Go DJ Hefna and Go DJ J Boss. Not only did the audience receive a live show from the participating artists, but also the artists and the audience were able to get some valuable information that the everyday person wouldn’t get.

“Man I’m glad I went to the mixer,” said Oblivious Jones, an up and coming artists from the Missouri City area. “I grew up on OG Ron C and to be here in the presence with him is crazy. He even followed me on he gram. This was well worth it.”

Go DJ J Boss also has phenomenal words for the mixer. “It’s not easy to get in contact with DJs in an intimate setting. For all the people who always hit me up, they could’ve came here and got with me personally. This was perfect.”

Miss Megann industry mixer takes place each and every single Wednesday at Tha Enclave Recording Studio located 324 FM 1960 Suite 101, Houston, TX 77073. If you want to be apart of the Wednesday’s experiences that takes place there you can follow Miss Megann on Instagram at @Miss____Megann.

Tha Enclave is a one stop stop where artists can handle all of their musical needs from studio time, to mixing and mastering, graphic design, photography, merchandising and consultation.

Besides Miss Megann, The Enclave just hired Director Orbit and are currently seeking interns with camera experience. Like I satated previously, if you want more information on services and what all Tha Enclave has to offer, you can meet the entire staff tonight at the industry mixer.

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