He’s Top 2 and he not 2. Mo City rapper and heavy spitter, Oblivious Jones is selfishly cementing his moniker into the streets that made him. Oblivious has resurfaced with his new project Swimming With Sharks and there is no competition as far as this Black Sheep is concerned, so to dive in with the sharks, you better be ready to eat or be eaten.

Swimming With Sharks provides the perfect cadence to ride out the summer, quite naturally as Oblivious is apart of the Summer Runners movement. The hunger that resides in the belly of this beast is unmatched. From start to finish, you can feel the intensity of his lyricism. Its lyrical play for Oblivious as he commands the beat so effortlessly.  

The 11-track mixtape features artists such as Ari, Rose Gold, Lil Nick and more. Take a listen below.