“I be feelin pain… I be feelin pain just to hold on…and I don’t feel the same, I’m so numb.”

It was August 25th, 2001, but I remember it as if it was yesterday..

I’m sitting on the floor doing my high-school Algebra homework and was definitely irritated and frustrated staring down at a bunch of numbers that just didn’t make any sense.

My Mom comes out of her room and asks me a very odd question..

“You liked Aaliyah right..?”

I remember that word specifically… “liked?”

What the hell did she mean? “Liked”


Aaliyah was life for me. My first time turning on 97.9 The Box ever, “Back and Forth” was on.

She was everything to me.

“Well.. she died in a plane crash today..”

I couldn’t comprehend these words.

What did she mean died?

She was young. I didn’t understand how someone I loved and listened to everyday could die so young…

Everyone LOVED Aaliyah. Internet hadn’t taken off so every news broadcast and media article was about how much Aaliyah was loved.

In 1995, Tupac’s death was surrounded in controversy.

Did he deserve to die?
Did he “ask” for it?
Who killed him?

Media surrounded and preyed on the story of Tupac even to this day.

Tupac was outspoken and despite the fact that he was extremely vocal about his opinions, he had millions of fans that STILL have not gotten over his death.

Locally we CANNOT forget, the death of Pimp C, Fat Pat, Big Hawk and DJ Screw were deaths that shook fans of screw culture, Houston, ALL of TX and so many fans worldwide to its’ core.

So today, I am writing this not as a XXXTentacion fan, but as a fan of hip-hop who has suffered the loss of some of my favorite artists.

XXXTentacion undoubtedly spoke to his fans in a way that they felt as if he might have been the only one to understand them, just as some of our favorite late artists spoke to us.

You might believe that you don’t understand why everyone is posting about his untimely death today when he was facing jail time for multiple felonies, but I encourage you to look at your favorite artist at the time of his death or some of the controversy surrounding it.

Did YOUR favorite artist actually NOT go to jail?

Were they portrayed as 100% perfect, not to you, but to the world and in the media’s eyes?

This mourning is not only about music.

A life that mattered to his millions of fans was taken today whether it was a life you cared about or not is irrelevant.

It is a life that mattered to his fans.

They are hurt right now.

So I say to ALL of you XXXTentacion (as well as Jimmy Wopo fans), I cannot express how sorry I am that you lost a legend today.

My heart and prayers genuinely goes out to ALL of you.

It is currently 1:38 AM and I am feeling an unrest and sadness for ALL of YOU as I know some of you lost someone very important to your generation.

As someone who has experienced this type of loss before, I can tell you, you never really get over it, but you have to keep living so that you can keep his music alive.

XXXTentacion needs you to do just that..

I encourage ALL of you reading this blog to express empathy by holding your comments regarding this young man’s past and try to remember how you felt when your favorite rapper died.

What would you have wanted or needed in that moment?
Why shouldn’t YOU give that level of empathy to his fans?

So exactly who cares about XXXTentacion’s death???

His fans do..

..That’s all that matters.

– Rocky Rockett

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