DJ Mosama has come a long way from when he was rapping in his younger years. He is now a self-employed traveling dj and has proven he is willing to take the necessary steps to reach his goals. He does major events including hosting, as well as dj-ing, weddings, parties, clubs and recently had a few bookings at SXSW. He is also apart of M’s Up Music, which he considers to be a movement. It’s a brand that consist of artist, engineers, producers, videographers, and of course, dj’s with him serving as the head dj. He has made major strides in his career and has witnessed the many changes of the music scene in Houston. The Houston culture has played it’s hand in shaping the dj many enjoy.

How old were you when you started rapping and what made you leave the rap game?
I was 10 years-old when I started. I tried to rap seriously from the age of 19 to maybe 21. When I realized it wasn’t bringing me any money I quit immediately. It’s crazy because other rappers used to ask me to get on different tracks with them, which I did, but that’s not my lane.

Which Houston rappers had an influence on your writing?
Lil Flip, Lil Flex, Youngsta, Fat Pat, Big Hawk, Pokey, Big Moe, Z-Ro and pretty much the whole SUC. Also, I can’t forget about Slim Thug and Chamillionaire from Swishahouse, even though we weren’t allowed to listen to the “nawf” growing up {lol}.

When and how did you get into dj-ing?
I always played around with my granddad’s turntables growing up, but never really knew what I was doing. I actually got serious about it in probably 07-08. I remember I used play around with Virtual DJ while my homeboys rapped. They used to pump my head up saying I could be the next DJ Screw and I believed them. The homies had faith in me so I took it to another level. If it wasn’t for DJ Screw I probably would have never picked up the craft. To me, that dude was the turntable God and admired him so much. The way he would cut the record up and then bring it all the back…that stuff was epic. My mom played a big part, as well, though. Growing up she drilled music in my head because she was so much of a music lover.

How long have you been self employed as a dj?
When I started I did it for about 3 years, but I went back to working a “regular job.” November 3rd of 2017 is when I decided to do music full time. I was a manager at ATT. It was the launch of the iPhone X. Ironically my brother, M’s Up Milo, was getting married that same day. I had to dj and I was one of the groomsmen. It was either do the wedding or quit/lose my job. I most definitely did the wedding. My loyalty shouldn’t be a question. (lol)

How did you come across the opportunity for your online radio show?
It was kind of a referral. I knew someone that had a show. I was familiar with the radio scene because I had done two shows already. They introduced me to the radio owner and it went from there.

What kind of music can be heard on The Mosama Show?
Everything from underground, 90’s music, hip hop and r&b, reggae, old school, Louisiana bounce. Everything really.

How does it feel to have a platform to showcase your talent?
It feels great. I’m not where I want to be but it’s always a blessing to show growth and progression. I’m grateful for you reaching out and I thank Houston Trend for this opportunity.

DJ Mosama can be heard on The Mosama Show which airs every wednesday night from 10pm-12am on You can follow the self proclaimed Mixtape Gawd on Instagram and Twitter @djmosama and find him on Facebook at D Jay Mosama. Be on the look out for up coming websites and to keep up with DJ Mosama and learn more about the movement.