The #HTownForRealChallenge Ends Monday!! Kiotti Urges Artists To Participate! -(@Hardbodykiotti )

Today the Radio Boss/ TV Boss Kiotti announced that his #HTownForRealChallenge will conclude on Monday, so he highly suggest artists to take advantage of this weekend.

Earlier today via Twitter and Instagram when Kiotti posted a participant’s verse he emphasised on the challenge ending on Monday. 

The #HTownForRealChallenge started two weeks ago after Kiotti’s hot single “H Town For Real” ft. Z-ro and 97.9 The Box’s own Mista Madd took over the town. Now he’s giving local artists an opportunity to be apart of that record and you do so by winning the #HTownForRealChallenge. 

It’s simple.

  1. Go to YouTube and type in “#HTownForRealChallenge” the instrumental will pop up.
  2. Right after you hear Z-Ro sing “Getting that money” you spit your best “CLEAN” verse. (Clean= No curse words; including the ‘N’ word.
  3. Upload the video on Instagram
  4. Tag Kiotti at @HardBodyKiotti
  5. Use the hashtag #HTownForReal

The winner will not only be featured on the official remix, which will also feature Z-Ro, Paul Wall and Slim Thug, but also $1,000. It’s imperative that participants follows instructions carefully because if you miss any steps you will disqualify yourself. 

Eight finalist will be selected when the weekend is over and the winner will be announced subsequently, so get your submissions in now! Kiotti and his team is working diligently to look at every video and are reposting almost every video on his Instagram that’s the social media guidelines are very important. It’s very important that you hashtag “H T O W N F O R R E A L” and not “H Town 4 Real” or “HTownFoReal” because you’re video will not be seen, nor reposted. 

Take advantage of this weekend, and good luck to all of the participants. If you haven’t been on Instagram and seen some of the participants here are some of the big name Houstonians who took part in the #HTownForRealChallenge:

 Slim Thug


Killa Kyleon

J Dawg

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