Rumor has it that Astroworld been in the making for at least five years. Whether Travis Scott was talking about the album, with the features and clearances, or the actual festival, the return of the renowned Astroworld was all manifested. He told us he was going to do it.

“Stargazing,” opening track on his platinum album Astroworld, the Missouri City, Houston native gave us a blast from the past on how he felt as a child when they took away the city’s once main attraction.

“If I take you to my past, you will be traumatized, got 1000 kids outside that’s tryna come alive.”

Astroworld, the park that closed in 2005 -after the original AstroWorld was shut down before the Six Flags purchased in 1999, let many kids in Houston flat-out bored. Not to mention the void it left it the kids. Travis Scott is 26-years-old, he was 13 when Astroworld closed. He wanted to bring the theme park back not only for him but others who share the same emptiness.

In 2014, Bryson Rushing, who is now 27-years-old and once lived 30 minutes south of what’s now NRG Park, told the Insider that the demise of the city’s major amusement park left him the exact same way Travis was, traumatized.

“Astroworld was an institution in my mind,” said Rushing. “It was a thing of permanence. I didn’t have a concept that anything could end let alone something as big and present in my mind as that. This was the first real concept of the finite nature of things. It really impacted the way I viewed the world; being so young.”

Travis made a promise to fill that void.

“’99, took AstroWorld, it had to relocate. Told the dogs I’d bring it back, it was a seal of faith.”

All Cactus Jack fans worldwide should circle November 18. The mayor of Houston, Sylvester Turner granted Travis Scott with his own ‘Astrowrld Day.’

Travis even purchased some of the theme park’s original signs that were put up throughout the park. The signs before the announcement of the festival, sat in a Houston warehouse for a decade. So to your question, yes Travis sealed the faith on Nov 18, but on Nov 17, some of the same kids who were traumatized in the past, came alive and even more.

At least 40,000 people were in attendance for the inaugural Astroworld Fest in Houston.

“Packing out Toyota like I’m in the league.”

Well, it wasn’t the Toyota Canter where the Rockets play, it was at NRG Park, across the street from AstroWorld’s previous location.

Let’s switch over to track 2, “Carousel,” I’ll come back to “Stargazing” shortly.

Before Cactus Jack could rap a lyric, Big Tuck, the Dallas rap veteran who made the “Not A Stain On Me,” which has become a Negro spiritual in the hood, told us verbatim “Astroworld is now in session,” you know and he’s the dean of this here. Again, he could’ve been talking about the album of the festival, and either was you put it, Astroworld was here.

Also on the same song, Travis says, “I gotta gate with my face in it.” The entrance of the theme park was literally a gate with his face in.

What’s crazy about this track, his Travis performed it as he was coming off of a carousel, on stage!

Travis Scott is one of them kids who’re crazy enough to do it. His creativity allowed fans to experience or re-experience the thrills of the Astroworld amusement he once experienced as a kid.

Lil Wayne, who was apart of the festival’s star-studded lineup, said it himself on stage during his set, “I used to come here as a kid, now I’m on stage.”

Before we take it back to “Stargazing,” let’s take it to track 16 “Houstonfornication.” There again he told us that Astroworld was coming.

“Just built an Astroworld playground to play with my baby.” He, his baby momma Kylie Jenner and his newborn daughter, Stormi were all in attendance of his first ever Astroworld Fest.

Travis put on a successful first-ever Astroworld Fest. Besides Lil, Wayne, performances came from Young Thug, Post Malone, Trippie Redd, Rae Sremmurd, Metro Boomin, Gunna, Sheck Wes, Smokepurpp, Tommy Genesis, Virgil Abloh, and surprised guest Nav. He even paid homage to a few Houston All-Stars, new and old school. Bun B, Lil Flip, Paul Wall, Slim Thug, Dice Soho, Maxo, and Z-ro all took the stage. He even brought out Don Toliver on his set.

Along with a bevy of star-studded concerts, fans had the option of being amused by other attractions such as carousels, roller coasters, fun games, and festival food.

Now, Cactus Jack’s set was astronomical. While fans starred center stage raging for the arrival of La Flame, he comes on the mic with an auto-tuned voice repeating, “I’m behind you.” Fan enthusiastically did an about-face, and the show began. Not only did Travis perform many hits, new and old, but he rode a roller coaster during “Carousel.” When he brought Nav out fans went crazy.

And this leads us back to “Stargazing,” Travis said, “It ain’t a mosh-pit if it ain’t no injuries, I got them stage diving in the nosebleeds.”

Man there were tons of mosh pits in the crowd of 40,000 and many injuries. People passed out, were bleeding, dirty, but as he said during his festival, thousands of kids came alive.

The revival of Astroworld, even if it was for one day, it was historically epic. Nov. 18 is officially ‘Astroworld” day in Houston, hopefully, Travis brings it back again.