Northside emcee B Val delivered a full display of his artistry capabilities on his first-ever project released. Visionz is filled with versatility, top quality production, next level sounds, and musical substance.

Earlier this year, B Val who reps Acres Home and the Still Dreamin’ camp, gave us “Rah Rah,” and “Smurfs.” If you liked those songs, you’d no doubt be a fan of Visionz. Not only from the music standpoint, but this project will make you appreciate the time and creativity spent on it.

This 11-track-project contains nearly every element of today’s Hip-Hop culture. B Val’s proficiency in rapping is evident, so is the style and delivery. Multiple rap patterns, various metaphors, just an all-around creative body of work.

In one song, the intro, “Visionz,” B Val’s shows us his full repertoire. The song begins slow, but as the beat builds so does he. Over the lightly based, echo sounding production, Val attacks the beat calmly. Then midway through the song, he picks up the pace with his triplet flow pattern, and he concludes the track us his soft melodic rap.

Val has something for the ladies on Visionz as well. Track 5 “Light Up,” featuring Still Dreamin’ member Karter, definitely compliments the women. Val and Karter’s both blissfully harmonizes though the entire song and the Caribbean influenced production will send you and your significant other straight to Paradise.     

Track 7, “Winter Time,” is where Val uses the soft beat as ventilation. On the song, his mind is in a place of uncertainty and again brings out a melodic flow as well as a harmonic hook to express his thoughts. First verse he talks about fake females and on the second verse he addresses the fake friends. This might be a stretch, but “Winter Time,” is a Drake-like song, with many quotable lines.

“Let me ask one thing, are you down for me? Yeah, are you really down for me? I’m a ask that again because they quick to say they friends and next thing you know they ain’t even around for me.”

B VAl: “Winter Time”

The last song, “Skywriting,” is probably the most substance-filled tack on the tape and of course, he threw camp mate God Body Bingo on it. Val really dropped gems on that joint. I won’t spoil it for whoever’s reading this, just go check out Visionz by B Val below.