Move over J-Mac, there maybe someone from Conroe who can challenge your reputation a the coolest man around town. Get familiar with rising artist Sammie Gee. In late February of 2018, Sammie submitted this song to the Radio Boss Kiotti and he received awesome reviews. Not only did Kiotti play it on his Instagram Live, but he also started grooving to the song and world famed Jhonni Blazed joined him on the turn up.  

Now he’s back with another jam, “Texas Flex.” On this song, Sammie smoothly tells hows cool his southern swag is. Typically known for giving people songs to turn up to, Sammie calms it down on this track. Over a soft trap production, Sammie is cooling, but still with the turn up vibes. On the hook he goes:

Riding behind tint, got the backwood lit, got my sauce on drip and she loves how I work.

All white fit, got me looking like a brick, you looking like a lick get popped like a perc.

Drippin on a hatta, I’m a smooth operata.

My mind on my papa, no time for a hatta.

Really been a minute since I’ve worried about a hatta.

Sammie Gee “Texas Flex”