This era of music coming out of Houston is transitioning into the new wave hipster sound fused with the influence of the Screw era. High Hefner from almost every apartment in the Astrodome area, displayed his ability to put the two styles together in new video “UP.”

The video directed by Ap The Gawd, which also features Acers Home rising emcee God Body Bingo, uses trippy from symbolism to express the thoughts of these new school emcees. The three goats in the field of purple cabbage is a visual representation of them, Hefner, Ap, and Bingo, as the best in Houston. Hefner’s lyrics following that scene supports that thought. The beat comes on chopped and screwed, and Hefner raps,

“Old Mc Hefner had a farm, farmer, with all this cabbage, since the early 90s, it’s been established, that I’m beyond average.”

The two then begin spitting their verses on a lakeside goat cattle. On “Up” Bingo and Hefner are both bosses preaching.

“Baddies in the kitchen and they doing dishes, na no mo trappin’ in the trenches. Automatic gates, no mo fences. Upscale living, weed, I got plenty. Bad bh and she act saditty, n***a I want some money if I’m in your city,” says Hefner.

God Body Bingo came on after and did what he does best, body bag the beat, a while putting the compass and Still Dreamin’ in your face.

This song comes from the Hefner’s Ep Hefner Chronicles, which is available on all streaming services Get it here and check out this fresh and creative visual “Up” below.