Acres Home emcee B Val is separating himself from most up and coming artists in Houston with his consistency and creativity. 

Throughout all of 2018, Val flooded the airwaves with singles. Then he dropped a talented mixtape and now he’s continued with a new video for “The Vision.”  In this new visual directed by Barf Films, he creates an extreme atmosphere where the vision is clear, all eyes are on B Val. 

This is sort of an intimate video where he just want to capture the attention of the viewers. Not too much going on, there’s a nice young lady doing some ballet dancing, but this video is all about B Val. This video as he say, should open up your eyes and open up your mind until you can see the vision. Again the vision is B Val. 

“The Vision” is the opening track to the Northside artist mixtape Visionz, which can be found on all streaming services. Check out “The Vision” below.