Most major artists in the industry have unique stories during their route to success. Whether it’s a good one or bad experience, something significant happen during the journey. Nigerian up and coming artist Wisdom, or Wiseman Wiz, is no different.

Wisdom, recently moved to Houston from Nigeria two years ago in pursuit of a promising music career. During the 24-year-old’s quest, he made a brief stop at in Vancouver, Canada to see Adele perform live. Here’s the plot twist, the British multi Grammy award winner invited then 21-year-old Nigerian on stage, and Wisdom stole a kiss from her! In fairness, Adele hadn’t got married yet, so he gets a pass, right?

Check out the video below.

Now, the wiseman is in America, and he is making huge stoves in the under ground music world. He just released his first video, which is carted to his heavy faith in God. The song is called, “Let It Be,” and it is a fuse of r&b pop and gospel. In the video, he mimics the Netflix hit movie “Bird Box,” where he is blind folded and is moving confidently because of his strong belief the God will guide him safely.

The video has already surpassed 60k views and it’s still going. Check out Wisdom’s religion driven video for “Let It Be.”

Now Wiseman Wiz said he isn’t a “gospel artist,” but for his first single he wanted to express his passion for his Lord savior. He calls him self a “pop star,” and I’m not saying he is one now, but if he indeed becomes one, he’s unique story matches the blueprint to success.