The emergence of Missouri City’s Rocky Banks is proof that an artist can stay in Houston and still gain notoriety. I know right now the 20-year-old isn’t a household name in hip hop yet, but just like his new track, he’ll eventually “Adapt” and become one.

In Houston, they’re many artists who believe that they must move out of the city in order to make it in music, but Rocky displays the total opposite. So we don’t know him, but The Fader does, and they know him pretty well as they featured him on its website twice. Revolt is ahead of the wave because they’re on to him.

Now, he’s introducing himself to Houston with his new track “Adapt.” The opening lyrics on the track, Banks eccentrically raps “I adapt, learn and I adapt. Seen the traps, won’t go tick for tack.”

Immediately after those bars, his artist versatility is on display as he melodically raps the second part, “I adapt, I adapt, I seen all the traps, won’t go tick for tack. Learn and I adapt.”

His complex flow comes in right after he repeats the hook. You’ll have to listen closely because his ability to transition into different rhyme schemes, from quadruplets, to quintuplets is next level.

Here’s an example: “It is what it is, you ain’t gotta f**k with the kid. It ain’t too many that can do what we did. Stayed true, counted blue, blew it all, then we did it again.”

Throughout the entire song, Banks acts as an underdog, but cleverly adapting to any situation. Just like the Houston music scene. He’s aware that the city has to see him grinding before they jump behind him and he’s currently doing that through the blogs. If he’s already on Fader and Revolt, chances are Houston will son catch on. Here’s your chance now. Jam “Adapt” below.