Yesterday morning Solange Knowles surprised the world when she took over the once popular social media website of Black Planet. She flooded the front page with pictures and video clips teasing the world of new music. In fact, it wasn’t a tease. Finally after three years, new music is her from Solange.

“When I Get Home,” is a 16-track album with a features a few big namers, but she also used some Houstonians. Tyler The Creator, Playboi Carti, Earl Sweatshirt and Gucci Mane are a few of the mainstreamers, but she keeps it H-Town with Devin The Dude and Third Ward natives Phylicia Rashad and Debbie Allen.

Prior to the release of “When I Get Home” Solange put out Mike Jone’s old famous phone number (832)330-8004 and when you called it, you got to here snippets of the new music. Well now, no more snippets, the album is here.