If it’s one Houston artist who has done everything seemingly correct in her path to music success, it’s the H-Town Hottie Megan Thee Stallion. She built a buzz, took over the city, and now her latest move officially put her in the mainstream light.

Megan went major and had Complex release the video to her hit song “Big Ole Freak.” Complex is one of the leading publications of the hip-hop culture, so if consumers didn’t Megan Thee Stallion was then, they for sure know her now.

Before the “Big Ole Freak” video dropped, Thee Stallion threw a few parties for her and her Hotties and this visual was no different. Director Munachi Osegbu created a seductive party atmosphere for Megan and her Hotties to put on a sexy show.

As soon as the video starts, Megan’s natural beauty is on full display. From her pretty face, to her gorgeous body and her sexually charged lyrics, the world is getting the best of Texas.

Check out the Houston’s Hottie new video for “Big Ole Freak” above, and prepare for her Tina Snow EP, which is set to drop this year.