About five years ago is when the legend of not only Enzo Mc Fly, but the legend of Enzo World Wide began. He tired to tell us then, but who wanted to side with the then 15-year-old? No look at him, Big Enzo is clearly world wide as he said he would be and as his video “Big Enzo” premiered on No Jumper shows.

From a teen, Enzo manifested his way into the music industry and he’s still strong and in full control, as he is in new visual “Big Enzo,” produced my Matt O’Neil.

The No Jumper released film shows Enzo in his full baggeth, that’s French for bag, naw I’m just playing. But the video seriously shows Enzo confidently taking charge, lyrically and physically. I can sense the force in his voice and the strong production from Matt O’Neil that Enzo is for sure a force to be reckoned with. It’s no secret why the video has passed over 29k plays. Take a listen and look below.