Besides the fiery flamed up cover art for Blair’s latest project Red October, the music that comes with it is also fire. Blair from South Park area of Houston has an electrifying sound that energize your entire body.

From the first joint “TrapStar.” It comes on with a staticky sound that might through you off guard, but it’s how he captures the listeners attention. Then once he locks you in, the music follows. The delivery is next level, the ad-libs are lit and most impressive, for a 19-year-old, the artistry in his craft.

Very rare would you find young artists who can go deep with not only the lyrical content but also the sound. On Red October Blair uses sounds that your mind and body can’t reject. From echoes, bass drops, and them damn ad-libs are truly something else. If you gave Blair a chance, you love it for sure.

His ” 18 with a 40″ is a definite banger. The hook is catchy and the lyrical substance is relatable to the Houston youth. Think about he says: “17 with a 38 turn 18 with a 40.” Nowadays when you look at the kids coming up in Houston, and how dangerous they can be, especially on his side of town South Park, it’s damn near detrimental to carry a weapon.

Then is “Sundays” is track was made for Houston. He’s really cultured embed there. He talks about being active, slabs, sipping lean and just some Houston s**t. Check out Red October below.