Most of, if not nearly all of the 2,208 billionaires in the world have one common trait, they all were able to think on a colossal level. Of course in their minds, they’re thinking of how they can accumulate wealth, but in the bigger picture, most billionaires are looking to change the world. That’s what Houston fashion designer Dominic Davis is currently aiming to do with his brand Billionaire Mind$ Clothing.

Starting from the finest linings and threads, Billionaire Mind$ Clothing first want to get you looking and feeling like a billionaire and they do so by providing a collective of exclusive pieces.

The weather is heating up now, and their OG BMC and Billionaire Mascot Tee’s will be a perfect cop for the spring and summer seasons.

Houston weather is known for being bipolar year round so, if it decides to cool down, or even get cold, Billionaire Mind$ Clothing have perfect pieces that’ll accommodate H-Town’s moody weather. Checkout the hoodies and sweat suits.

Another interesting thing about the 2,208 billionaires in the world, is that according to Forbes, 67 percent (1490) of the world’s billionaires are self-made, up from 1,371 in 2017.

Another interesting thing and common trait about Billionaire Mind$ Clothing, is that them and a partners have a self made clothing store called Press Start. Located on 2729 Fondren Rd. Houston, Tx 77063, Press Start houses not only his brand, but any brands that are up to par and is looking for expansion and exposure.

Davis stated, “I was doing my clothing line on an independent level at first, I ran into a friend that was trying to start a clothing store and take his dream further than clothes, he had a broader vision. Our minds was pretty much on the same thing so my business partner Rich Copeland opened the store. I house my brand there, we give people a platform to come together and showcase their talents anyone that is in the fashion, hiphip industry. It’s about bringing our ppl together and building an empire. That’s the goal of the store.”

For more information on Billionaire Mind$ Clothing or for business inquiries, you can visit the store, Press Start, located on 2729 Fondren Rd. Houston, Tx 77063 or visit their website