The BEST opening performer for Bun B was in LINE outside the party

My cousin’s Dede and Esta had heard about the Bun B birthday party event at SXSW set for Saturday, March 16th at Native Hostel and were excited to go.

We arrived at about 5:30 PM and were told everyone would be required to leave the venue while the venue was “turned around” for the night event.

We hopped into the growing line outside of the venue and waited. Bored we stood around looking for conversation topics while the line kept growing.

Out of what seemed like nowhere popped up a tall guy with dreads with a blunt in one hand a huge smile.

He had a few people with him, but he seemed adamant to make MORE friends out of this very boring situation.

“Where are you from?’ he asked a few people in line. Everyone was from different place, but everyone answered.

He passed his blunt around the group we stood in while rapping to his own beat he made while beating on the long, metal container we stood beside.

He freestyled about the place we were at and people around us, and had us high and laughing as we stood outside in a line that seemed to stretch until forever.

“Everybody get in a SINGLE line!” a SXSW volunteer yelled.

“Yeah right. Like that’s gonna happen.” our new friend yelled back laughing looking around at the 6 lane wide lines that had formed around us while we waited.

We all laughed. He was right.

Obviously this was going to be a “every man for himself” type of situaton once the doors opened.

I asked his name.

“Ezay Dozit.”, he replied smiling and offering me a sip out of his bottle of… something clear.

“No thanks.” I replied back, taking my phone out. I recorded him as he continued to freestyle as he and his friends continued to entertain me, my cousins and others in line.

The seven o’ clock hour hit and we were still waiting.

Ezay made the time fly for us by keeping us laughing and bringing his carefree spirit and sharing “libations” with our line, but we were still waiting.

“THE CHARGE TO GET IN IS $5 AND WE ONLY TAKE CREDIT CARDS.” another volunteer yelled about ten minutes before the doors opened.

“YOU TAKE CASH APP?”, Ezay yelled back sending our line into a fit of laughter.

Ezay completed another freestyle and announced, “I am taking donations for all who are interested.”

I reached into my wallet and without hesitation handed him a $20 bill for providing me with the best entertainment I had seen that day.

“Wow! Thank you!”, he replied, seeming shocked that anyone gave anything at all.

When they finally let us in the venue I was exhausted.

I found a plug to charge my phone and sat down on the floor while the concert began.

We didn’t stay long..

A rapper came out onstage with a song about a “p***y that stank” and another autotune rapper followed immediately after with a song with bass that murdered our ears.

My cousins and I had enough.

We stood in line for close to 2 hours and left before the opening acts were over.

#SchoolOfRocky Message to Music Artists: Ezay, a rap artist who didn’t pay to open up for Bun, made a few fans that day just by talking to “strangers” in a line and keeping them entertained.

Actually, he profitted $20 less the $5 entry fee. He created an experience that made me feel like I got my money’s worth before even walking into the venue.

If you are an artist, I hope you read this and feel inspired to create experiences for your fans and make new ones everywhere you go.

The “stage” is where ever YOU are.

#SchoolOfRocky Message to Ezay Dozit:

(Instagram: @eazydozit)

Ezay, continue to take your dopeness everywhere with you my brother. You have a spirit that transcends any arena.

Thank you for making me remember why I love music artists.

Thank you for reminding me that the spirit of artists is why I chose an industry that frustrates the hell out of me sometimes.

Please continue to share your light.

The world need’s you.

The world will hear you.

One “LINE” at a time.

Rocky Rockett – #SchoolOfRocky

Instagram – @OfficialRockyRockett

Facebook: Rocky Rockett

Twitter: @Rocky_Rockett