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What made the internet turn on Future after comparing himself to Nipsey Hussle?

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First of all, I’ve been a fan of Future since “Same Damn Time”.

Maybe that’s not as long as some of ya’ll, but it’s been a minute for me.

Future over the course of time has built up his audience by dropping music that the streets could relate to. During a time when Molly was growing in popularity, he was right there suggesting they increase the high by mixing it with “Percocets”.

For those of us that didn’t really dig the whole “drug reference” parts, Future linked with producers that mixed his lyrics into beats that kinda made you forget what the hell he was sayin and focus on the beat.

Sometimes, you could barely understand what Future said unless you looked at the lyrics as he seemed to just link a couple words together which occasionally would kinda make sense.

..But then he linked with Ciara.

Ciara seemed to bring a “softer” yet still gangsta side to Future.

He dropped “I Won” off his “Honest” album and I swear I thought we lost him forever.

I was wrong.

He came back after they broke up and his music was better than I remember it ever being.

…But.. ::turns to an imaginary vision of Future::

Our Dearest Future Hendrix,

You are not an asset to your community in the same way Nipsey Hussle was

I know this might come as a shock to you…

Especially coming from someone who listens to your music.. a fan to say the least..

But YOU sir make the kind of music to listen to on your way to pick up drugs..

..on the way from the club..

.. or IN the club.

Nipsey was engaged in the struggle of the everyday Black man. He was not trying to get them to numb themselves to get away from their reality.

Nipsey Hussle was giving back to his community, showing how “gangsta” monogamy (even perceived monogamy) could be with the right woman, taking care of his kids, and publicly giving “game” to the world on the steps needed to better their physical bodies and minds.

Nipsey showed love to strangers and built his name off being a regular guy who loved and went out of his way for “regular” people.

Future, this is not what fans like myself feel your legacy is.

You are looking out for YOU and YOUR pockets.

We are STILL fans tho.

We STILL will listen to your music, but what you NOT gone do is insert yourself into the same sentence as someone who built a legacy on helping OTHERS publicly. 

Future, YOU sir are NOT Nipsey Hussle.

We may gather to do a balloon release for you, but you did not touch our souls the way Nipsey did. That was your choice and we respect it, but we have a choice too. The choice to read you your rights if you EVA cross leaving us a LEGACY like Nipsey did with leaving us a jamming ass catalog of music.

It’s a difference.

The good thing is, (although I doubt this blog will reach you), you (unlike our beloved Nipsey) still have time to change your ways.  Step up and be a leader of your community and places beyond your community. You still have time to become “like Nipsey”.

Just don’t try to “fit yourself” into that position before you have EARNED dat tho playa.


Rocky Rockett

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