From the huge portable phones -I won’t even call them call phones- to the home movie element Chief Aleel provides, Mo City artist Joshua Burrell gives us vintage swag vibes in new video “Stacks.”

The audio production is even vintage. As soon as the beat drops, real music heads will instantly recognize that this is classic Icytwat work. In a way, vintage is sort of classic so you can argue that Joshua Burrell made a classic song and shot a classic video.

When you watch the video, you might not understand the message immediately, but the complexity of this creation is what makes this video a piece of art. When you walk in art galleries, you aren’t blown away by the pieces on the wall, it’s the details in the pictures.

Well let’s look at the details in “Stacks.” First, the beat is made by a well known producer; Icytwat beats are always a vibe. Secondly, rather than shooting a typical story lined video, he and Aleel produced a home movie of clips of Joshua and company talk swag and stacks. The video looks like you’re literally watching a VHS tape in your VCR. Thirdly and most importantly is the music content and delivery. Yeah people may consider Burrell as mumble rap, but he’s spitting vogue fashion bars.

“Interior looks like a model, blocking the wind in my Fendi snow googles.” I call that swag talk. Check out Joshua Burrell video for “Stacks” below.