Slowly but surely Houston is becoming a hub for creative individuals. Currently, musicians are the ones who get noticed, but more and more artists are on the rise. Whether it’s graphic designers, photographers, videographers, film writers, painters, etc etc, Houston is a growing creative city.

Already on the come up is photographer Meek Cherry. Born and raised all over Houston, the beautiful female is an all-around artist. Started as a canvas painter, then she taught herself how to make graphics, eased her way into web development, now she’s a self-taught photographer.

In only two short years, Meek Cherry has become a portrait specialist but can do all types of shoots. Also, she loves editing, which means she will not put out any work that’s not up to par. She’s currently exploring other magazine shooting and editing techniques that’ll take her photography to another level.

For more information and to see more of Cherry’s work, go over to her website,, or view her Instagram page @immeekimcherry.