Dj II D.E.E.P has worked within the music industry as a DJ for well over a decade and a half. He has silently broken countless records and encountered countless upcoming artists.

The following words are DJ II D.E.E.P’s exact words for upcoming artists looking to promote their music through DJ relationships.

#SchoolOfRocky is the school… DJ II D.E.E.P is the teacher.

Class is in session.

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Success in most any endeavor, particularly entertainment, is about the marathon, not the sprint.

Nine and a half times out of ten, the person you THINK came out of nowhere has been bubbling in the industry for years, but you never really paid attention until everyone else does.

Which further validates what I’m about to say.

The reality is we all get used. The issue people have is  the terms by which they are being used. There is a difference between “feeling used” and a genuinely mutually beneficial situation.

Most experienced DJs in a position to play new music (more on that later) are well aware that most artists approach with the mindset of trying to sell them a dream. They have developed an awareness for those who only seek to gain.

DJs have keys to many doors you want to enter.

Those keys often go far beyond the DJ booth.

They know other DJs, promoters, club owners, videographers, photographers, models, dancers, artist, radio executives, etc.

Outside your inner circle, the DJ is one of the most important people to have a good rapport with. You should be thinking long term relationship with all your key DJs.

Who those DJs are vary from artist to artist.

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