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Part Two of the #WhoAskedIIDeep DJ series

Dj II D.E.E.P has worked within the music industry as a DJ for well over a decade and a half. He has silently broken countless records and encountered countless upcoming artists.

Today, DJ II D.E.E.P introduces you to three types of Djs of which you will frequently bump into while promoting your music.

The following words directly from DJ II D.E.E.P.

Class is in session..

Know Your DJ

First is “The Sucka DJ”.

Yes they still exist.

They have absolutely no concern for the art form or what should be the pay rate for legitimate DJs.

They are the type to take $50 and $50 bar tabs on a night that should pay $500. They just want to be seen as “the DJ” as a way to get attention.

They play limited popular music and don’t really know the details of their craft. They usually won’t take risks on new music.

They usually play “radio hits”. They usually don’t have a very diverse set of music.

The second type is “The DJ”.

He is a legitimate DJ. He respects the art form and commands a salary adequate for the service provided. He does his job well and has a vast library of hits from all genres.

This DJ, however, does not take chances on new music. Sometimes the type of job they are doing  has strict requirements to play a certain type of music (most popular terrestrial station DJs fall under this category).

Sometimes they simply don’t want to risk the backlash of the crowd and don’t trust their own ear for music to know whether a song is worth the shot.

If your song becomes a hit or is on the verge they’ll play it consistently but not before.

You need those DJs as well.

The third and most important to you as an artist is the “Record Breaking DJs”.

These DJs are the taste makers because they not only play what’s popular, they also make new songs or artist popular. They have an aptitude for what could be a hit.

These DJs know how to introduce a song in a way that delivers you to a listener’s ear the best way possible.

This does not guarantee success, but it does increase the chance greatly. The best of the best can connect you to opportunities in various ways.

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