#SchoolOfRocky checks in with the Queen of the Latin hip-hop scene, Jessica Jeanz

If you’ve heard the Late Night Hype on Houston’s 97.9 the Box FM, you have heard the voice of San Antonio native, Jessica Jeanz.

Mrs. Jeanz is definitely not an amateur to the radio industry as she has worked in the radio industry for 15 years. She has worked in Albuquerque and San Antonio prior to making Houston and Radio One her home.

She is way more than just a voice on the radio however.

Jessica and her business partners created a platform dedicated to showcasing the Latin hip-hop music, businesses and culture called Hustle Town Network. The creation of her podcast, the Hustle Vida Podcast, is just another way Jessica has created new ways to assist Latin people through her network.

Houston Trend caught up with Jessica to pick her brain about the platforms her team created.

Photo by: @JessicaJeanz – Instagram

What made you get into the radio industry?

My love for music! I was always that kid who had a mix tape recorded from the radio and had to have my radio blasting outside with my friends. I also wanted to be a singer growing up so I took audio engineering courses and later applied for a sound board position at the radio station.

How many years have you worked in radio?

15 yrs now. Wow!

How did you start/ link with Hustle Town Network?

It started off as my blog feature on the 97.9 the Box website for the Latino demographic. I had included an interview with GT GARZA and local music videos. Even though I’m originally from San Antonio, my husband and I both have a long history and passion for the underground music scene and joined forces to showcase the Latinos in it.

What makes Hustle Town special?

Well, some people have gotten offended because we concentrate on latinos, but we don’t exclude anyone. I felt there are so many people who do what we do and wanted to be different to give Mexicans and Latinos a place of their own.

We are now also supporting Latino small businesses. Our Latino followers are from all over Texas, California, all over the south west, Florida, northern United States and Mexico. Unity. 

Who are 3 artists that everyone should be on the lookout for?

This is a hard one because there’s so many to look out for and definitely hope to see more for GT Garza worldwide.

From Houston I personally like:

Doeman DYNA 

Young Easy

Duxe (Corpus Christi)

What 3 songs are on your personal playlist right now?

I really love old school music, but as far as new hits I like:

“Talk” (Remix) by Khalid feat. Megan Thee Stallion & Yo Gotti

“Old Town Road” (Remix) by Lil Nas X feat. Billy Ray Cyrus 

“24/7” by Ella Mai feat. Meek Mill

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I see myself as a millionaire because all my hard work has paid off somehow.  I also see myself holding annual Latino conferences to encourage entrepreneurship for our kids. 

What is one piece of advice can you offer struggling music artists?

For a “struggling” artist, I would first advise them to brand themselves, build relationships through networking, and learn the music business.

Having your paperwork in place, and understanding all the ways you can get paid is the difference between struggling and earning a living off of your music brand.

How does Houston compare to any other place you’ve lived or worked as far as support for upcoming artists?

This place is dope!!

People may disagree or have different experiences, but I come from a city where we don’t have superstar rappers walking around everyday. There’s some great studios, producers and talent here so of course the competition is fierce. 

I did, however, feel a lack of support for the Latino Rap scene in Houston, but I decided to not complain. It encouraged the start of  Hustle Town Network. I think it’s all of our responsibility no matter what city or platform or not to support each other.

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