Part three of the #WhoAskedDJIIDeep series

Dj II D.E.E.P has worked within the music industry as a DJ for well over a decade and a half. He has silently broken countless records and encountered countless upcoming artists.

Today we spoke with DJ II D.E.E.P about how to approach a DJ as a music artist and how important the first impression is.

The following words are directly from DJ II D.E.E.P

#SchoolOfRocky is the school.. DJ II D.E.E.P is the teacher.

Class is in session.


You’d be surprised how many people view being able to introduce yourself properly to be synonymous with “kissing ass”.

This makes sense because respect and fear are equal to them as well.

The truth is the two words are vastly different.

Fear is not hitting your dad back when you were five because he could beat you up.

Respect is not beating him up when you are 25 because you appreciate his sacrifices so much.

You have no idea how many messages I’ve received that sound like a “Wassup? Go to my soundcloud and play my shit.”

Half the time there is no introduction at all.

Just a link to some music.

How about:

“Good afternoon. I’m a new artist from the north side of Houston and I go by Newborn Baby.”

“I’m still learning the best way to do everything including reaching out to DJs.”

“What’s the best way to communicate with you?”

“Is it ok if I send you some of my music?”

“Thank you for your time.”

If the DJ you are speaking with has venues he spins in, ask him when is the best time to come and speak with him or her.

Most of the time the answer is going to be ‘come early’.

It’s a good idea not to be drunk or under the influence of any drugs. I know it sounds like a crazy request when you think about the relationship between entertainment and drugs.

The reality is you want to be sharp and viewed as someone serious about their music.

If you are slow to respond to questions or the particular DJ doesn’t smoke and is offended by the smell, you’ve already created a reputation with them.

Is “doing you” more important than doing everything you can to position yourself as the first millionaire in your family?

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