Have you ever been so hungry that your stomach started growling and you had no clue on how you were going to eat? I’m talking starving for food. That’s what we call hunger pains. You don’t know when you’re going to eat, but you know you desperately have to.

Well Missouri City artist Oblivious Jones isn’t starving for food per say. Jones is starving for Summer Runner success in the rap game and it’s crystal clear on his new 7200 mixtape.

From the opening track, “Seventytwo Hundred Pt. 1” you can hear his deep desire to make it off the Mo City block of 7200 to wherever rap takes him. Over the acapella style beat, you can hear Jones rap is story like a book. From being broke, decieved, banging Crips, and feeling underrated in Houston, even though he’s “top 2 and not 2”

On the track he says, “S/O to Al for makin that jungle track, but half these n****s don’t know where the jungle at, 7200 I come from that.”

Track, “G.W.A.P” (Grind With A Purpose) he’s tell us why he’s doing what he does. Not only a rapper, but a true hustle. Besides going crazy over beats, Oblivious works for the post office by day and strip club manger by night, and in between those two gigs, Jones sells grills and he’s a full time father. Again on this track, he takes us back to his days of poverty and insists that he’ll never see them days again.

“Rappin picking up, it aint enough to quit my day job, I’m tryna cop a mill and settle down like I’m A-Rod.”

Jones ends the 7200 tape with a bonus track, “Growing Up” ft. fellow Summer Runner Lil Nick and Tre. “Growing Up” is practically a summary of how he got to where he is now. Lil Nick effortlessly tackles the hook with:

“Growing up it was tough, a n***a didn’t really have much, I was thuggin, I was tryna run it up, had to get my cash up, spend a few then I put the bag up. They was dissing’ now these h**s wanna F**k. Close friends switched up, that’s why it’s really hard for me to trust, when it’s crunch time, these n***s aint crunch. I just wanna live it up, out the hood tippin in a Bentley truck, tryna forget all the times it was rough.”

Then Jones delivers one of his realest verses. I’ll let you go listen, just know he didn’t take the metaphorical route with this one, and it’s something that you can feel. Enjoy 7200 below.