DJ II D.E.E.P has worked within the music industry as a DJ for well over a decade and a half. He has silently broken countless records and encountered countless upcoming artists.

In part four of this series, DJ II D.E.E.P explains why you should make sure that your music is prepped and of the best quality prior to your submission to the DJ.

The following words are directly from DJ II D.E.E.P.

#SchoolOfRocky is the school and DJ II D.E.E.P is the teacher..

Class is in session.

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What if you make it past the introduction and the DJ wants to actually HEAR your music.

He listens and tell you that you are  the dopest artist he has heard in years!

Are you prepared for sucess?

Is the single you are promoting mixed and mastered?

Do you have ownership of the instrumental?

Do you have service packs for your single ready music?

Do you have a EPK (Electronic Press Kit)?

Is it labeled properly or is it labeled “track 1” on your USB or email?

You should have answers to all of these questions. It may seem like a lot, but you don’t want to have to explain why it sounds like shit or why your work is “unfinished”.

“Oh we just recorded it tonight. We just did a quick mix. It sounds cool in the car.”

You ever catch yourself saying that to someone?

That means it wasn’t ready.

If your music sounds great, you may be thrust into a world wind of opportunity. If any of the links in this chain are weak, you could possibly slow down the process.

.. or worse. You could halt the process all together.

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