Houston’s Most Lit Audio Engineer Is @RyanMellow_

Never in a million years would I imagine the rap game, which was once driven by stories inspired by the universal hood struggles, ragging in one huge moshpit. Never would I imagine seeing kids, teenagers, young adults, and O.Gs go into a frenzy just by hearing the adlibs, “it’s lit!” or “straight up!”

The absolute No.1 reason for all this excitement surrounding hip-hop is none other than Jacques Berman Webster II, also known as Travis La Flame Scott.

But the absolute No.1 reason the Scott stans can rage to the full extent is because of the sound quality of his music. The crystal clear sounds the Travis’ music provides is highly credited to the audio engineering. 

When in Houston, and it’s time to for Travis create the music that sonically hypnotizes us, Travis calls on the one and only Ryan Mellow. Mellow, who lives in Houston and is the in-house audio engineer at Studio 713, recorded the multi-platinum track “Butterfly Effect,” from Astroworld and “Big Shot” from the Black Panther album.

Mellow sat down for an interview and spoke on working with Travis and talked about the energy he provides on stage and in the studio. He also spoke about being featured on “Look Mom I Can Fly,” Travis’ latest documentary, which is a visualization of the fun and ispiration that drives La Flame toi making lit ass music.

Check it out, it’s lit!!!


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@Studio713htx audio engineer @RyanMellow shares his journey in music, working with @TravisScott and being featured on #LookMomICanFly‼️

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