Prepare yourself to go beyond hip-hop’s surface before you put on K.A.Y.O Da Konspiracy’s new album Konflicted Addictions. Saying this project is deeper than rap is an understatement and calling Konspiracy a conscious rapper is belittling his artistry in its entirety. On Konflicted Addictions, the Missouri City native gives us a mixture of lyricism, poetry, story telling, substance and perspective all in 17 tracks. Also he uses original skits through out the project that provides imagery for the listeners. 

From the opening track, “Read My Sign,” ft. Bishop produced by Devin Beal, Konspiracy is painting a picture for us. When you think of read my sing, automatically you think of a person asking for change, and that’s what Konspiracy is doing. He’s asking for change just in a figurative manner.  The track does indeed open up with a skit of a homeless person asking for change, then he comes in with the metaphorical aspect, where he’s dropping gems. And in a poetic way, Konspiracy says,

“Now the question that I ask, is do you have change? Read carefully before you bitch and complain. I’m not asking for useless dollars, I’m Eustace Dollaz, who misused his dollars.”

Track 2 “Konflicted” is where story time begins. On the track, the homeless man from track 1 “Read My Sign” is telling his story on how he became homeless. Ironic enough, the man fought for his country yet the country isn’t reciprocating the love. Just like in the real world we live in, war vets struggle to find jobs, and eventually becomes depressed. The depression leads to addictions and when you can afford your habits you become homeless and that’s the story of his life.

”Bad Man,” “Perfect Mixture” and “G.R.E.E.D” where the two singles we are familiar with, but the next single from the album will be track 12 “Art of Sex,” ft. Jet Finley. This track talks specifically about our sex drive. Over a soft beat produced by Zeke “LP” Lopez, Konspiracy erotically raps on how he’s going to make love to his girl. He literally gives the art of how he seduce. Very explicit lyrics in that track, but so sex is also explicit. K.A.Y.O said, “The single just details about good sex and a woman reaching the highedt form of stimulation. It’s the appreciation of sex and how it’s art.”

I’d spoil it for you if I reviewed every track, so I’m a give you listeners a chance to jam Konflicted Addictions below. What I would say, “Bomb Squad” ft. Kontraband and Peppa Don and “Do 4 Love” ft. Rosie Bush and Amanda Sharee are deep definite jammers. Check out the album below.