Houston Texas, also known as the home of the playas and pimps, is becoming the home of the lady bosses and hip-hop’s new comer Rynaee Trill is for sure one of them. In her video “Tril Jill” directed by MTB visuals, the Greenspoint native talks that talk and walks the walk. Rynaee Trill displays all of her boss credentials from talking cash sh*t to being a down chick. In an essence, she explains why she is Trill Jill. She has extreme confidence, the cachet, the beauty, the swagger and everything else that comes with being the H.B.I.C. Like she said,

“Bring that money home and go half on the bills, you know you need a b***h like Jill.” 

If that line didn’t solidify her trill status, this one should.

”Hold that dope down when sh*t gets real, you know you need a b***h like Jill”

“Trill Jill” is just one of the many bangers from her Trilselda Blanco project that’s streaming’s on all music platforms. Check out the video above.