Houston’s north side rap rock band Inomili Collective wanted to expose truths with their latest EP The Loveliest Lie. Producer and engineer Daniel “Deeanomaly” Santillan of the group said the EP’s title name stems from the idea of a attempting to grow without first acknowledging faults. In just five short tracks, Inomili Collective uses light but impactful lyricisms and rock influenced production to express their rage of political and social controversies.

On track one, “Cruzn,” over a soft snare production and using some electronic vocals, Edric“3MC” McDaniel takes the listener on a trip from his adolescence to his current presence.

The next track “Positive I.D” is when the group taps into its rage. After some complex conscious rap bars from 3MC, Trey47IDGAF wildly and unapologetically spazzed. Trey effortlessly let his passion take over the microphone and you may not eloquently understand him, but his emotions are clearly present on his verse.

The following track “Real,” is Inomili Collective connecting to the universal hood struggles of poverty. 3MC vividly paints a picture of an armed man robbing a harmless lady to highlight a hood survival tactic. He calls it suffering from being “worldly” meaning, praising things that the world has put perceived highly value on.

“Real” also serves as the EP’s medium, as the end of the track is a simulating message that’s clears the listeners mind and prepares them for the rage to come on the following two tracks “Personal Gain I and Personal Gain II.”

Inomili Collective is on full band mode on the “Personal Gain.” The sounds of the drums, high hats, guitar and all of the other instruments used on the production, takes the listener to a very intimate place where we can feel the sorrows of the former war hero the band is speaking of. Trey47IDGAF wasn’t so wild on this track. He actually did a beautiful job of bringing life to the track with his raspy vocals.

The closing track “Personal Gain II” is practically perfect. A full throttle of heavy guitar play from Trey 47IDGAF and Patrick gives us the sound of their soul. This track is the track that clearly shows the rock influences in this band. It has all of the elements, the message, the sound, the rage and the emotion.

Inomili Collective isn’t your typical talent you’ll find in Houston. To understand them, you’ll have to be passionate about what’s going on in the world and you’ll have to understand their rage delivery. This group is madly speaking out against growth without development and they expressed it through The Loveliest Lie EP.