When listening to Kirk Richmond’s Boy Meets Girl project, and you hear his soothing sound, the excellent instrument inspired production quality, and soulful style, one may get the impression that he’s some Motown artists. I guess that’s the beauty in his music because on track 4 “Fire” the man let’s you know that H-Town all the way, Eastside to be exact.

May not be Motown yet, but this Boy Meets Girl project proves that the soul of the South is still alive, right here in Houston. Immediately after his intro “Camp Fire,” where he speaks to the listener to prepare them for 31 minutes of wonderful sounds you can groove to. All exclusively produced by Sowaf Music.

All throughout the project, Richmond blesses listeners with his phenomenal signing voice, and Sowaf’s greatness is easily recognized as his amazing usage of instrument on the production brings enjoyment to the ears. One can also conclude some of Richmond’s influential music make up as he openly credits the the people who inspired him. Boy Meets Girl sounds like it could be the soul of the south, and makes references to his southern and soulful influences.

On track 4, “Fire,” of course Richmond is giving us beautiful melodies as he is a singer, but he pays homage to Lil Wayne as he mentions his Weezy’s 1999 Tha Block Is Hot album. Then when you get to track 7 “Patience” you hear him giving his credit to the great Erykah Badu and her famous track “Bag Lady.”

If you’re a person who loves the traditional sounds of real music, this album Boy Meets Girl is for you. This project takes you in a musical time machine that takes you back to an era where not only sounds good, but has substance as well. Check out Houston’s own Kirk Richmond and Boy Meets Girl below.